Combine bets to win more


Win a bet and get paid, but win combined bets and get SUPERPAID!
The more selections you combine on your bet slip, the more we will boost your winnings. Place a 4-fold combination bet and increase your wins by 2%, or go for the kill with a full 20-fold and boost your wins by 80%! 
1-3 selections
0% bonus
4 selections
2% bonus
5 selections
6% bonus
6 selections
10% bonus
7 selections
15% bonus
8 selections
20% bonus
9 selections
25% bonus
10 selections
30% bonus
11 selections
35% bonus
12 selections
40% bonus
13 selections
45% bonus
14 selections
50% bonus
15 selections
55% bonus
16 selections
60% bonus
17 selections
65% bonus
18 selections
70% bonus
19 selections
75% bonus
20 selections
80% bonus
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This promotion is valid only for players who have registered a new Big Bet World account and made their first deposit.

Superpay Bonus (SPB) is added automatically on every winning combination bet with 4 or more selections.

Odds on any selection on the bet slip must be 1.20 or higher. Combined odds on the bet slip must be 5.00 or higher, regardless of the number of selections. 

Bets on all sports count.

Event that does not start or for whatever reason ends in a way that results in the voiding and/or refunding of the bet, does not count for Superpay Bonus calculation. E.g. if a bet slip contains 8 selections and one bet is voided, the Superpay Bonus value is calculated for 7 selections.

If voiding of the bet results in total odds being below 5.00, the bet slip does not count for Superpay Bonus calculation.

Only Sportsbook bets count for Superpay Bonus.